Packaging Products

Polyfoam Corporation designs and manufactures protective foam packaging products used in a wide range of industries. Whether for cushioning or insulation, labor-savings or versatility, molded EPS foam is the perfect solution for a huge variety of applications.

Styrofoam vs. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

As one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), we are often asked, “What’s the difference between EPS and Styrofoam?” Styrofoam, a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company, is extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) and is mostly used in construction building materials such as blue board. Styrofoam is also widely used by florists and for craft products. The word styrofoam is often used generically in the U.S. to describe all polystyrene foam products – such as disposable coffee cups, insulated coolers, bottle packaging, and other protective foam packaging materials which are actually made of EPS and NOT Styrofoam. EPS foam is a better packaging material than Styrofoam because of its excellent insulation and cushioning properties.

Insulated Containers

Pharmaceuticals, flowers, and specialty foods such as chocolates and meats – this is just a sampling of the many temperature sensitive products we engineer solutions for. When items require a controlled environment, we can create a customized insulated container or recommend a solution from our extensive line of stock items.

Check out our line of THERMALOK® Coolers, Insulated Containers or Mailer Boxes to find a container to suit your needs, or contact us for assistance.

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Protective Foam Packaging

Molded foam packaging provides superior protection and is an extremely economical choice for packaging everything from delicate, lightweight electronics to large, heavy appliances. With over thirty years experience designing cushion packaging, Polyfoam’s engineering team delivers the most cost-effective solution – either with a custom product or one of our ready-to-use stock packaging items.

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With its incredible insulating value, EPS helps provide a quiet, comfortable, energy-efficient environment, and is quickly becoming a widespread material of choice in the construction industry. Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) replace solid concrete and/or wood foundations and frames as a long-lasting energy efficient alternative. Attic stair and wall insulation are also common uses.



The flexibility of design and high strength of molded foam make it perfect for replacing other, heavier materials as components in products such as home appliances, stereo speakers, scientific equipment and safety equipment. EPS has proven to be a lightweight alternative to sheet metal, plastics and wood. With its insulating properties, foam also reduces noise, a key feature in items such as home appliances.

Specialty Items

Foam offers incredible flexibility in design, so almost any shape or surface can be produced. Various coatings and materials can also easily be adhered to molded EPS to create all kinds of different affects or replicas of other items. This is perfect for the display and building industry, which often requires unique shapes and/or textures.

Misc. Stock Items

Polyfoam keeps an extensive array of items in stock for immediate packaging, handling and shipping requirements. From corner pads to bottle packs, perishable shippers to our THERMALOK® brand of insulated containers, we can satisfy a huge range of business needs with quick turn-around.

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